The story of tokyopaddles

Who We Are

We're just 2 ordinary guys who discovered pickleball and instantly fell in love with the sport. It was the best thing since sliced bread. Like most newbies, we quickly trotted down to our local sporting shop to buy the first entry-level paddle available. Fun as it was, the game quickly began taking over our lives and before long, we were in the market for an upgrade.

After searching far and wide for high-quality paddles with designs that actually fit our style, we came up empty handed. So we decided to make them ourselves!

Our Mission

Pickleball is a sport that has grown wildly over the past few years. Not just in America, but globally. As anime fans, we were surprised by the lack of fulfilling paddle designs that would let us express our interests on the court, and we took that personally. Countless athletes from a wide variety of sports represent the anime community, so why shouldn’t pickleball be the same? 

Enter TokyoPaddles. We are committed to making hand-picked, recognizable, & stylish paddles available for all pickleball players, old and new. Uniting athletes throughout the world under shared passions, we strive for no less than to elevate the game itself and become one of the industries top pickleball paddles.

What You Get

When purchasing our paddles you get quality found amongst the best. With each of our paddles, we offer the latest 8-color UV printing for high color reproduction (to make our designs pop), a fiberglass face with anti-scratch technology, and a honeycomb core all for a competitive price that is hard to beat across the industry.