Pickleball Paddle

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The original renegade.

    Paddle Description

    Enjoy superior play with our top-rated anime pickleball paddles. Constructed with high-quality materials, this pickleball paddle is built to withstand hours of intense play without showing signs of wear and tear. Its lightweight design ensures easy handling, allowing you to move around the court with ease. Whether you're looking for the best pickleball paddles or unique aesthetic designs, this paddle meets all your needs. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned players, this paddle is a mix of both performance and style.

    Paddle Features

    • Surface: Strong and durable fiberglass.

    • Core: 11mm thick honeycomb interior.

    • Edge Guard: Custom made to withstand the elements.

    • Grip: Highly condensed foam, covered by a faux-leather grip. Sweat-proof and built to last.

    • Anti-Scratch Technology: High-quality printing to ensure your design stays vibrant and flawless.

    Paddle Specs

    • 15.9” H x 7.8” W
    • Weight: 7.8 oz.

    • Handle Length: 4.9 in

    Shipping Info

    Each pickleball paddle is shipped and delivered anywhere in the United States in an average of 5-10 days. International orders will be delivered in an average of 6-12 days.

    • Free Shipping
    • Larger Sweetspot
    • Built To Last
    • Premium Color Printing

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